Myddle to Yorton 6 Mar 2010



Walk No 4 - Circular route from Yorton via Harmer Hill

There was a great turnout today for our walk, 19 people. This was a pleasant surprise and maybe the 'soup and sandwiches and real ale' at the journey's destination had something to do with it !

(We welcomed 9 newcomers Robin, Sharon & Kate; John & Corinne; Geoff & Jad; Peter & Carol)

The route followed another Gough walk No 3. The path took us along quiet country lanes towards Yorton Heath and then Harmer Hill before winding our way across fields and over the busy Wem road back to Yorton where we all 'recovered' at the Railway pub.

Group photo taken near Newton-on-the-Hill

View of pig farm on the return route back to Yorton