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Red Kite Sightings!

September 2011

A number of villagers have reported seeing a solitary Red Kite flying over Myddle, and at various places along the Ellesmere Road, especially around the Pym Hill area.

The sightings were reported to Geoff Holmes, County Bird Recorder for Shropshire, who told us

"It is quite possible that people have seen a red kite. We have about a dozen pairs in Shropshire and the total is growing each year. All known pairs are believed to be in the south of the County, however single birds wander and can crop up anywhere including over Shrewsbury and Telford!"

If you would like to know more about Red Kites in the County, Shropshire Ornithological Society has information on their website

The RSPB website is also helpful as you can listen to the bird’s call as well as see photos.