Monumental inscriptions 1651 - 2023

St Peter's Church, Myddle

Monumental inscriptions 1651 - 2023

A survey of the memorial inscriptions in St Peter’s Churchyard Myddle was carried out by Roger and Veronica Jones in 1980.  Drawing on this work a team led by Anne Duff produced a more comprehensive guide in 1984 that included transcriptions of the complete inscription where possible and a description of the type of memorial. Using the 1984 work as a starting point a new survey was completed in 2023 by Greg Miller, Jad Bienek and Margaret Markland,  bringing the earlier works up to date.  Each memorial has been numbered and there is an index to the memorials by name and a series of plans showing the location of each memorial in the churchyard or in the church itself. 

If you are trying to find out whether an ancestor has been buried in the churchyard or to locate a particular family grave, the document may help you.

Download St Peter's Church Myddle Memorial Inscriptions. 

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