Towards Fenemere 5 Jun 2010

Walk No 7 - Circular Route towards Fenemere returning via Hollins Lane.

An enthusiastic group of walkers set off from Myddle village Hall to explore some untried routes around Fenemere. It was a glorious summer day and the planned route was estimated to take about 2 hours. However as we turned off the Fenemere road we were soon hacking our way through dense undergrowth. Undeterred, we ventured across several fields, some of which were full of crops at waist height and above. Eventually we came across a track which was totally overgrown with brambles, nettles etc.. and well above waist height. We appeared beaten ! However we had not allowed for the indomitable spirit of Geoff, (a very experienced walker) who single handledly scythed a path along the edge of a neighbouring field, and eventually we exited at the far end of the overgrown track (A major job for a future working party).

The rest of the walk went smoothly but was cut short to allow time for Darren to get back to Myddle church to ring the bells for a local wedding. The remainder of the group, earned a well-earned rest by the church wall, watching the wedding party arrive and listening to the church bells chiming. An idyllic village scene!

L to R Jenny, Cloin, Margaret, Darren, Jad, Geoff, Angie, Linda, Bill, Hazel & Bob.