A Circular Route from Ruyton 12 Nov 2011

Walk No 17 - A Circular route from Ruyton

Today we joined forces with our colleagues from Baschurch. The walk was kindly led by Tony Mackie who organises the walking group in Baschuch.

It was a delightfully sunny and warm day, (not like our usual Nov walks).

The walk set off from the recreation fields at Doctor's Meadow and we crossed the River Perry and made our way uphill towards Drumble Wood. Here we encountered little bit of commotion as there was a 'pheasant shoot' being planned, and dogs were supposed to be on a lead. Still, it was soon sorted out by our group diplomat and the 'shoot' organisers were left in no doubt where our sympathies lay. (well done David !)

The rest of the walk was very peaceful, and the views were wonderful. We circled by Boreatton House and made our way back across pastureland towards the main road. Here it was a leisurely stroll back to the car park.

L to R John, David, George, Hilary, Steve, Richard, Jad, Thelma, Geoff, Margaret, Fiona (hidden), Tony, Louise, Geraldine's daughter, Geraldine.