Litter Picking

Litter thrown from cars, dropped on pavements and dumped by the roadside is a constant problem in and around the village.

Recently we have organised 'Litter picks' using tools and equipment provided by Shropshire Council.  


The first, in March 2012, concentrated on the verges adjoining the Ellesmere Road, where five full bags of assorted rubbish were collected in a couple of hours.



In May we took to the water, clearing plastic bottles, crisp packets and an assortment of footballs from the village brook.

Hard work, but not a bad way to spend a sunny morning!




Fly tipping is a particular nuisance along the Lower Road, even when bags are neatly stacked beside a bin.  They spoil the appearance of a pretty stretch of country lane.

Litter, fly tipping and other problems can be reported to the Council online, through their 

Environmental Maintenance website